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Stiffy: Makes your Splitboard ride more direct & controlled, for a better riding experience and more fun!
Have you already heard of Stiffy? No?! We want to introduce you to a new, FUN gadget for splitboards.

The "Stiffy" increases board stiffness and makes every splitboard a more compact unit. This allows a more direct and controlled ride with more action and fun. Various test riders were stoked about the feeling comparing it with a normal board and enjoyed the result of increased riding fun.

Get a "Stiffy" now and make the handling of your splitboard more direct and controlled, for a better ride and more fun!

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Stiffy: The Smart Tool for Getting Better Downhill Performance on the Splitboard
Ski touring is booming. Accordingly, splitboard snowboards are becoming more and more popular. The problem is that, until now, two-piece boards didn’t achieve the same performance as you get riding a normal snowboard. The Stiffy is a very simple tool that turns any splitboard into a more compact and rigid unit. The Stiffy is available in two lengths for narrow and wider boards, and is intended to work with bindings from Spark, Burton and Nitro. It is easy to assemble in all conditions and weighs less than 75 grams. This makes Stiffy the Snowsports winner in the Snowboard Equipment category.

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“Stiffy" is not a MUST have, but a FUN have! Its weight of less than 75 g is negligible and the easy and safe assembly as well as the quick disassembly make it the perfect companion for your next trip. "Stiffy" fits with Spark R&D and Burton bindings and is available in two versions: a "short" version for narrower boards and a "long" version for wider boards.